The problem with most strategies to make money online is that they all require TIME!

If I wanted to trade time for money, then I’d stick to a job.

The whole purpose of starting an online business is to make enough money to not have to work a job right?

Well, the only way to do that properly, part-time, working from home, is to build an automated business.

Most people work hard, then get paid, then work hard, then get paid, and the moment they don’t work, their income stops.

Sound familiar?

Well, what if you could do the work ONCE but continue to get paid for MONTHS?

The key to making this happen is building your own Automated Sales Funnel!

And this Tuesday my friend Chris Record is hosting an online masterclass teaching how.

The cool part is that I was able to get a discount so that it’s only $1.00 for our friends and followers.

See if there are any spots left!

$1.00 Masterclass: How to Build Automated Sales Funnels for Passive Income ==>>

Chris is one of the best trainers that I know in the industry.

He’s sold over $20 million in digital products online and his teaching is always beginner friendly.

What I like best is that he makes it so easy to understand and to get started.

And more importantly, We’d love to hear about your automated sales funnel after it’s set up!

P.S. – His webinars always max out at 1,000 attendees so make sure that you show up 15 minutes before hand to get on!